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Portable & Temporary Bridges for Western Canada Pipeline Projects

Portable & Temporary Bridges for Western Canada Pipeline Projects

With the ability to support 100 tons of weight at lengths of up to 40 feet, our portable temporary bridges are capable of supporting a diverse range of projects for a variety of purposes. Particularly, the pipeline industry will find the speed of installation and quality of our bridges to be an asset. Measuring only 1.5 feet (18 inches) in height, these bridges exceed expectations of bridges made for the same purpose. This means you can maneuver and fit this bridge to wherever it is needed with ease and precision.

Perfect Portable Bridges for Pipeline Projects

Whether these are being used to move equipment around a site, or to reach an otherwise inaccessible area, our bridges prove to be the ideal, cost-effective method of moving equipment that meet the following specifications:

Low Profile Bridge Specs

Length: 30 ft and 40 ft available

Width: 14 ft

Height: 18 inches

Load Rating: L-100

Supporting equipment up to 100 tons is an impressive feat for any bridge, let alone a low-profile bridge designed to be easily controlled throughout a job site.  For the pipeline industry, building and constructing in remote areas is a common difficulty. Having a reliable temporary bridge that will span small to medium crossings means you will have less concerns when it comes time to build – especially when that bridge is safely holding equipment of all shapes and sizes.

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Portable Bridges - Low Profile | Great Northern Bridgeworks

It is easy to get started with Great Northern Bridgeworks, as we offer a simple contact form to get the basic information that we need to start the planning process. Depending on your project size, we offer planning services as well to facilitate the smooth integration of our equipment and services. When it comes time to build you can rest assured that every precaution has been taken while we handle everything outside the scope of your crews. This alleviates pressure from your bottom-line and ensures that professional bridge constructors are at the front-line of your operation!

Get the bridges you can trust, whether temporary or permanent, from Great Northern Bridgeworks for your next project. We have been successfully aiding the planning and setup of construction sites for decades. That experience shows in our work and we value every opportunity to bring that expertise to your next job site.


Contact Great Northern Bridgeworks to discuss the solutions that we provide when building pipelines, job sites, or anything in-between across Western Canada. Give us a call at 250.785.7400 today!