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Constructing & Reconstructing Roadways Throughout Western Canada

Constructing & Reconstructing Roadways Throughout Western Canada

Since 1995, Great Northern Bridgeworks has been building pathways to our collective future in Western Canada, and that means going beyond bridges in our work! For decades, we have been expanding our services to provide a complete package for our clients. Road design & construction has become one of our most popular deliverables, with the designs and implementation being performed entirely by our incredible team of industry experts.  It doesn’t stop there either – if you experience damage to your roadways, be it from washouts or over usage, our teams will be on-site to resolve the issues no matter the length. For instance, our teams reconstructed 100km of forestry service road that had been damaged by repeated washouts, so rest assured that there’s no task too tall at Great Northern Bridgeworks!

Road Construction - Western Canada | Great Northern Bridgeworks

What is the Process for Building New Roads?

It all starts with an analysis of the potential environmental impact. Our goal is to be vigilant of any issues that could possibly arise in our process, and in doing so we are able to tout our record for no major environmental incidents since our inceptionBy being conscious of the potential for environmental disaster, our teams have an in-depth understanding of the project before it even begins.

First, we create an overall layout. This gives us a framework for the construction crews to follow in their construction process. Every road in BC is surveyed prior to its construction, so this is where we can assess the direction, shape, and challenges of building any stretch of road.

Clearing is the next step in the process. This involves removing any and all obstructions between the boundary lines of the road. This can take many different forms depending on the locale, but it isn’t uncommon to see many of the vehicles in our fleet making an appearance on the site. Particularly, you could expect to see our feller, buncher, and skidder on the paths clearing the way. Right behind that team will be GNB’s packers and dump or rock trucks accompanied by the Emergency Transportation Vehicles (ETV),

Now we can evaluate the culverts and bridge crossings that are required, including their exact specifications for implementation (the next step). Here we are especially attentive to environmental concerns – should issues arise, our design team will quickly process and find the quickest solution possible to ensure that your operation unfolds as expected, that’s the benefit when you have Western Canada’s premier construction team at your side.

The last step is to begin implementing the design, excavating the area, and laying the foundation to create a functional roadway that will reach any project site. At this point we will have taking every step possible to ensure the design and integrity of the road exceed expectations, leading your team to a successful project when the roadway is complete.

For roadways in BC, Alberta, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories, Great Northern Bridgeworks constructions are providing a reliable means of reaching project sites. Contact us today and get the details that you need to move ahead in the process.