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GNB’s Construction Certifications in BC & Alberta

GNB’s Construction Certifications in BC & Alberta

There are several regulatory bodies in Canada and its provinces. As a company, GNB prides itself on exceeding the mandatory requirements for contracted construction work, certifying our employees on more than the required programs where we operate.

We commit ourselves to maintaining these certifications and training our employees on any and all of the programs offered in our field. This blog outlines the extent of our certifications for our employees and as a company. GNB is dedicated to safe and effective work, no matter where we operate.

COR Certified Contractor

COR (Certificate of Recognition) is a voluntary program that encourages and incentivizes employers to go beyond the legal requirements of the Workers Compensation Act and Occupational Health and Safety Regulation. COR-certified employers must show leadership and dedication towards the heath and safety of its workers. These commitments go beyond policies, being actualized in the environment of work sites and practices on it.

BCCSA – BC Construction Safety Alliance

The BCCSA is a non-profit association governed by a board of directors that represent each major area of the construction industry. Their work assists some 40,000 companies in exceeding the regulatory requirements for safety training and certification.

GNB is recognized as a COR-certified contractor by the BCCSA. We take part in the training programs and services offered by the BCCSA, which are essential to our belief in promoting safe and effective worksites.

ITSL – Industry Training to Keep Teams Safe

ITSL is an Alberta-based industry training and certification body that assists us in assuring our employees are more than capable of completing their work safely and effectively.

Their courses cover a broad range of construction related processes, including general construction training, equipment operation, hazardous assessments, transportation of dangerous goods, pipeline procedure, and much more.

Depending on the environment of a worksite, we take part in certifying our employees in any and all of the relevant programs.

CSO – Common Safety Orientation

Common Safety Orientation (CSO) is a program for new workers in the oil and gas industry. Employees of GNB are enrolled in the CSO program prior to starting their work in order to ensure that there is a standard level of understanding among the GNB teams.

CSO clearly explains safe work practices on the job site and how to maintain a safe job site.

LT Licence – Dirty Dirt Hauling

Employees involved in the transport of dirty dirt (dirt that has been in contact with anthropogenic chemicals) must hold a transport license to do so. Each applicant must also submit a contingency plan that outlines the processes involved in the event of a spill.

All GNB employees involved in the transportation of dirty dirt hold this accreditation.

CWB – Canadian Welding Bureau Division 2 Certified

The Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) is a non-profit that certifies welders, welding inspectors, and companies that work on welding and joining steel structures.

GNB employs talented welders and supervisors to conduct our operations. For that reason, we hold a W47.1 CWB certification which verifies our employee’s skillsets and our commitment to the high standards that the CWB outlines.

BC Forest Safety — SAFE Certified

Given that we operate in the forests of BC, we are a registered Safety Accord Forestry Enterprise (SAFE) company. This ensures that companies working within BC’s forests have a management plan in place to reduce the potential for injury or damage to the ecosystem. We complete an audit each year to maintain our SAFE certification.n

TDG – Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Any person who is involved in handling or transporting dangerous goods must be adequately trained and hold a training certificate to do so. They must receive a new certificate after the expiry date (typically one and a half years) to continue handling dangerous goods.

We certify any employees involved in the transportation of dangerous goods, and track their certification through our management systems to ensure there is no room for error.

ComplyWorks for Supply Chain Management

We implement ComplyWorks in our processes to ensure that preventative controls, training, and certifications are all kept in place and up to date. This system aids our management in maintaining an expert and informed team that is prepared and capable of performing any task safely.

Curious how a certified contractor can help on your next project? Get in touch with GNB to find out!