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Removing Dirty Dirt & Remediating Land in Western Canada

Removing Dirty Dirt & Remediating Land in Western Canada

While the focus in construction is often on new builds and project sites, the end result of much construction leaves behind waste that can be harmful to the environment. Termed “dirty dirt”, soil that has been contaminated by anthropogenic chemicals needs to be safely removed so the land can return to its natural state. This is a result of all sorts of constructions. No matter the scale, Great Northern Bridgeworks is waiting to assist and conclude your project with speed and precision.

Restoring Land Under Lease Reclamation

Oftentimes land is leased for a project, then returned to the lease holder when the project ends. Beneficial for both parties, the land is used to its extent and then restored for other commercial or residential purposes. The responsibility for removing dirty dirt and other contaminants is most often on the leassee, and so it is compulsory to perform a thorough removal of dirty dirt when the lease ends. That is where we come in. Our teams can be quickly dispatched to effectively restore the land, allowing it to return to its natural state so you can move on to the next project worry-free.

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Jobs in BC Construction

We are a major employer in Western Canadian construction and our team is growing. With GNB you will have the opportunity to work with businesses from the forestry, environmental, and engineering sectors. Currently we are seeking experienced equipment operators to facilitate our processes as we continue to expand operations. If you are a capable operator and eager to join a team of dedicated professionals, we want to hear from you! Take a look at our careers page and contact us to learn more about the opportunities available at Great Northern Bridgeworks.

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