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Bridging the Gap between Environmental Construction Practices & LNG Projects in Canada

Bridging the Gap between Environmental Construction Practices & LNG Projects in Canada

Great Northern Bridgeworks strives to build the best bridges and infrastructures for its communities, the environment and clientele. For over two decades, Great Northern Bridgeworks has continued to bring bridge building to a higher level with our belief of “bridging the gap between industry and environment”.

LNG Projects in Canada

With the rise of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) projects in Canada, and our commitment to protecting the environment with every project, we ensure that our team is bridging the needs of the people and the environment safely and effectively. Our decades of experience and highly effective planning skills in the oil and gas industry are testaments to our outstanding work, and we highly recommend any project developers in Western Canada to contact us.

GNB and the future of LNG can assist and ensure the greatest economical boom, as Canada shifts from importing the decreasing pipeline exports into the U.S., and the rising demand for exporting LNG outside of North America. This shift in the industry means an economic growth that will ensure the significant rise of steady, full-time jobs, as well as long-term, profitable investments.  A study conducted by the Energy, Mine and Petroleum Resources predicts the development of fully operational LNG construction projects in BC will create over 70,000 new jobs. This does not include the jobs created during the construction and development of these projects. The government is working along side the project developments to ensure emission targets and environmental issues are met. This is also one of major concerns. We have been striving to maintain safe and environmental practices since 1995, and are confident that we would be an ideal partner throughout the planning and development of any project.

Former BC Premier, Christy Clark, has been advocating for the safe construction of LNG facilities with the promise that this will benefit all Canadians. Similarly, former Conservative interim leader, Rona Ambrose, stated the importance of these projects in Canada, declaring that these LNG projects are “absolutely necessary for the prosperity of this country”.

A Sustainable Future in Canada with LNG Projects

It is vital that Canada seize this opportunity. Great Northern Bridgeworks strongly believes LNG projects in Canada are an essential step for a successful and sustainable future; this thought further reinforces the need to invest in LNG projects within Canada, and the importance of involving reputable and trusted companies, such as Great Northern Bridgeworks. The steps that go into ensuring that the LNG industry and facilities are excellent long-term investments requires skilled and experienced workers throughout the project developments. Furthermore, with the economic boom that results from these projects, we can continue to design and build “top-of-the-line” bridge structures and road infrastructure, continuing to create strategies and plans to ensure a high level of environmental remediation.

The West Coast has already proven itself to be a leading contender and developer in LNG projects throughout Canada. As of September 2017, a majority of the import and proposed export facilities are in BC. As a company that has been constructing, planning, and developing in Western Canada for over two decades, GNB is confident we have the skills to execute, plan and develop further infrastructures. Dedication to designing and building sustainable and long-term constructions, through safe and cost-effective methods is of utmost importance to GNB.

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