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GNB’s Commitment to the Construction Industry’s Health & Safety Standards

GNB’s Commitment to the Construction Industry’s Health & Safety Standards

Meeting and, when possible, exceeding the expectations and guidelines set out by regulatory bodies in our industry is of the utmost importance to us. Our work can be dangerous. However, by ensuring diligent compliance to regulations on our worksites, GNB mitigates the potential hazards that come along with our work. To this end, all employees are First Aid Level 1 and H2S (hydrogen sulfide) certified.

We maintain these certifications for our employees through standardized training and testing. Further, we complete and abide by organizational health and safety programs provided by the following certification bodies.

WHMIS Trained

Given the breadth of our work, GNB is frequently involved with job sites that contain hazardous chemicals. Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) is a program that ensures employers and employees have all the information and training necessary to work with chemicals in a safe manner.

As an employer, GNB ensures that our employees participate in WHMIS training programs and are encouraged to help identify and control workplace hazards.

ISNetworld for Tracking Construction Certifications

In order to facilitate the bidding process for new contracts, GNB makes use of ISNetworld to catalogue and track employee certifications and required training programs. As regulations change and standards are updated, we maintain our employees certifications through ISNetworld, which can then be reported easily to our clients.

There are many unique certifications that will only apply to certain employees performing certain tasks. Management systems like ISNetworld are a crucial check in our process that ensures our employees are trained and able to perform their work safely.

First Aid Training

All of our employees are required to complete First Aid Level 1. In the interest of promoting safety for our employees, requiring a minimum of Level 1 training is helpful in two ways: first, it ensures that if an accident occurs, response will happen quickly; second, it helps our teams to understand the importance of safe practices on the job site, and how to react when necessary.

WorkSafe BC — Registered and Insured

As the primary body for protecting worker’s safety and rights at work, WorkSafe BC was established by the province to promote the prevention of workplace injuries, illness, and disease; to rehabilitate workers who are injured at work; to provide fair compensation to workers recovering from an injury; and to ensure the financial management of the workers’ compensation system. We are certified with WorkSafe BC as an employer that exceeds the legal requirements of our work (through COR).

While our work may be dangerous at times, it is also fulfilling. We contribute to the growth of our country and its industries. Occupational hazards are a reality of construction, but through our certifications and practices, GNB ensures a workplace filled with trained, capable individuals that promote safe actions.

We go beyond expectations to ensure our worksites are safe for GNB employees. Get in touch to learn more about how our teams can help you to safely and effectively complete your next project.