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Project Heavy Duty: Bridge Building with School District 60

Project Heavy Duty: Bridge Building with School District 60

At Great Northern Bridgeworks, we believe in developing the skills of youth across Canada. To this end, we support “Project Heavy Duty”, an initiative of School District 60, which covers Peace River North, with most of its schools in Fort St. John. This initiative brings in students from nearby high schools to our job sites for hands-on instruction and training from the professionals we employ. This opportunity is available to students who have expressed interest in the operation of heavy equipment and machinery as a career path, preparing them for a successful future in the industry. Through initiatives such as Project Heavy Duty, Great Northern Bridgeworks is supporting Canadian communities, and strengthening the connections between our youth and the potential career paths that will be available after their education is complete.

Held annually for one week in late May, students learn a variety of useful skills that are applicable in a range of fields. The most valuable time spent is on the heavy duty machinery, such as excavators, backhoes, crawler/dozers, graders, rock trucks, and more. The skills that students develop include:

  • Industry best practices
  • Hands-on equipment training
  • Safety procedures
  • Operating machinery
  • Interpersonal abilities
  • Many more

Preparing Students for Careers in Heavy Machinery Operation & Construction

By encouraging students to develop their skillsets, School District 60 is striving to improve their student body, lining them up for future careers with their newly found employable skills. Great Northern Bridgeworks takes pride in the ongoing sponsorship of charitable events and community projects such as this. The amount that we invest in these projects is returned by the growth of our communities, and a bolstered workforce that will aid our operations for years to come.

 Project Heavy Duty - Bridge Building | Great Northern Bridgeworks

To find out more about Project Heavy Duty, visit their website here!