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Bridge Inspections in Western Canada

Bridge Inspections in Western Canada

Assessing bridges is critical to maintaining safe condition from season to season. Here in Western Canada, we have had a flurry of extreme weather systems pass through in recent years which have brought wildfires and flooding into many communities. Rapid changes in weather conditions such as these can lead to structural damage. When it comes to bridge inspections, our mission is to evaluate structures using a comprehensive approach, then provide all necessary information to ensure a complete repair is made possible.

Bridge construction is central to our operations, so we maintain a crew that has substantial knowledge of this field, facilitating our operations in construction and inspection. Bridges can be highly complex depending on their design, and so it takes considerable experience to be capable of inspecting bridges. Considering the aspects of its design and assessing their condition are paramount to a complete inspection.

Surveying Bridge - Bridge Inspection

The Types of Bridge Inspections

The three types of inspection are as follows: final build inspections, yearly maintenance inspections, and emergency inspections. Each of these are a part of our overall process, and we encourage our partners to follow through on yearly inspections that will prevent failures. After we install a bridge, engineers approve the bridge build. Once approved, we encourage a maintenance program to be implemented on a recurring basis. This would involve an annual inspection that evaluates the status of the structure

Process for Canadian Bridge Inspections

Our inspections carefully analyze each component of the bridge in question. From the channel protection of the substructure to the railings of the superstructure, we take a step-by-step approach to inspection. Visual inspection can only go so far, and so we utilize ultrasound technology to assess cracks or separation that may be underneath the surface of the deck. Depending on the structure, magnetic particle testing may be used to find discontinuities and subsurface flaws. Our technicians all meet industry qualifications to perform these tests, ensuring that your assessment is valid and to code.

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Whether or not your bridge has seen flood damage, it is essential to have it regularly inspected. A critical failure can see massive costs in an instant, far more than simple repairs from cracks or wear. Our teams are on standby to join your project and begin an expedited assessment of your structure.

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