Bridge Deactivation

Project Description

This project highlights one of GNB’s more unique offerings, our bridge deactivation services. This particular project included the removal of 40 concrete panels and the removal of 800 ft of pipeline mounted to the bridge’s side.

Environmental concerns were at the forefront of our approach, so as to avoid damage to the neighbouring fish habitat. To start the process, GNB built an additional pier that was used to assist in the rolling of the bridge. The two pipes strung alongside the bridge superstructure had to be dismantled prior to rolling the bridge off of its substructure.

Once the piping was removed, we made use of our crane and hydraulic jacks to lift the bridge, then safely transport it across the river. It’s imperative that these rollers are perfectly placed to allow the bridge to slide straight off cleanly and then be dismantled.

We then attached steel cabling to the foundation and all the supporting piers to keep them from tipping or moving with the force of the bridge’s movement.

Next, we welded a steel pallet to the bridge’s joints to secure the bolts holding the bridge frame together.

We then removed the bridge in sections and dragged them away for transportation and disposal.

This 291,000 kg project took a total of 2,200 work-hours.


Approx. $300,000


British Columbia


October 2018