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Construction Mats: A Critical Tool for Projects in the Northwest

Construction Mats: A Critical Tool for Projects in the Northwest

As a full service construction company, Great Northern Bridgeworks prides itself on its extensive selection of products and services. Together, these all enable us to design, plan for, and build new projects in the Pacific Northwest, creating jobs and propping up our economy along the way. One of our most useful products is the construction mat. These facilitate all sorts of operations, with a mat designed to help in each particular situation. Broadly speaking, mats allow us to set up equipment or reach inaccessible or unsafe spots on a job site. With our own specially constructed steel Bridgemats, GNB extends the usual capabilities of a mat to also be a bridge with interlocking joints. Here’s a look at what these mats can do for your project.

A Wide Range of Construction Mats to Get Your Team Moving

Rig mats are a common feature for oil rigs and pipeline construction. These mats are available in 40’x12′ platforms for purchase or rent. For construction sites that require a walkable platform, or need a base for heavy duty machinery to setup and begin working, rig mats are an essential component in planning for the project. These steel-framed mats are ready for installation and tear-down by GNB, so give us a call to get started in your planning process today!

Construction Mats - BC Bridge Building | Great Northern Bridgeworks

Related to our rig mats, Bridgemats are our special offering that go beyond what a traditional rig mat is capable of. These mats are able to connected via interlocking joints, so no matter the size needed, Bridgemats are able to create a stable, walkable platform. Whereas mats are typically walkable platforms alone, Bridgemats can create a temporary bridge to get your crew or equipment to otherwise inaccessible spots. Specially designed to meet the requirements of your project, Bridgemats are the ideal solution for moving large equipment across a site.

Given that we are often seen mending and constructing roads, it only makes sense that we would carry a large number of road access mats for operations on the ground. Each platform measures in at 8’x14′, made of wood and able to support loaders and trucks with ease. These are perfect for temporary or long-term purposes. Having a steady bed to give your crews a stable base to work upon is essential to successful project, get the best with GNB!

Great Northern Bridgeworks will support your operation in any capacity necessary, so whether you need installation or tear-down of your mats, we are here to get it done! Contact Great Northern Bridgeworks today and get ready for your next project.