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C-Ring Tanks: From Installation to Deconstruction

C-Ring Tanks: From Installation to Deconstruction

Liquefied Natural Gas (also known as “LNG”, “hydraulic fracturing”, or “fracking”) is the most common form of oil extraction in Canada. The process requires the installation of large tanks, known as C-Ring tanks (also known as “modular tanks” or “frac ponds”), to store the wastewater byproduct accumulated throughout the operation. The reliability of these C-Ring tanks is paramount to the success of any operation.

Guidelines enforced by the provinces of Canada hold oil and gas companies responsible for the installation, maintenance, and deconstruction of C-Ring tanks. Given that these types of projects will typically run for 10-30 years, it is essential that the initial installation of C-Ring tanks is done by trained professionals with an outstanding record of success in the oil and gas sector.

C Ring tank construction

Planning Ahead for Remediation Efforts Involving C-Ring Tanks

In early 2019, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that “energy companies must fulfil their environmental obligations before paying back creditors in the case of insolvency or bankruptcy.” This ruling makes the message to energy companies clear when it comes to preparing for the eventual end-of-life for a project — plan ahead or the costs will soar.

For LNG companies, remediation means restoring the land used for a project. This comes with a set of expectations.

The land must:

  • Have an adequate amount of soil and vegetation of good quality
  • Match the original topography and landscape
  • Have no remaining structures, facilities, or contaminants present

Our goal at GNB is to make the process of remediation painless from the outset of a new project. We will work alongside your team to plan out the installation of C-Ring tanks and lay the groundwork for their eventual deconstruction. GNB is very experienced in this area, ensuring that remediation efforts are efficient and cost-effective.

Get in touch with our teams to ensure your project is handled with expert care.